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Help To Choose a Care Home

Help when choosing a nursing home

choosing-a-nursing-home-in-birminghamChoosing a nursing home for a relative or loved one can be a daunting task. Here is a short guide that can help you when making this important decision.Although moving into a nursing home can be a period of upheaval for someone, once they are settled into their new environment great benefits can be gained in quality of life.Our caring philosophy and fully trained staff can make this transitional process as easy as is possible for both families and service users alike.


There are obviously enormous benefits in being cared for by professional nurses and experienced care staff. Individuals who have previously struggled to cope with their day-to-day circumstances, be that a large home or garden can often feel very relieved in having a new environment, with people to talk to and positive, pleasant people in their everyday life. Not only now do they get excellent medical attention whenever required but also the emotional support that everyone needs for a happy and fulfilling life.


But of course, the choice of nursing home is ultra important to make sure that your relative, friend or loved one is truly in an environment that is a home from home.

To help you with this choice answering the following questions can often help to focus your search in determining the right for your relative.

Important Questions You Can Ask

1. What kind of home is it?

- Does it offer the right level of care?

- Will it provide any future care needs?

- Will relatives/the resident be involved in decision making?

- How is GP care arranged?

- Can residents decide when to get up, and go to bed?

- Are other services such as physiotherapy and chiropody available?

- Is there a visiting dentist or optician?

- What type of activities are there?

2.  Where is the home located?

- Is it in the country or city – will the surroundings be similar to current location?

- How close or convenient is it for family and friends to visit?

- Is easy or free parking available?

- Is there a garden or outside space where residents can get some fresh air?

3. What are your first impressions?

- Did you receive a warm welcome?

- Is the atmosphere homely and friendly?

- Is the home clean and attractively furnished?

- Does the home smell pleasant?

- Generally, do the residents seem content and cared for?

4. What are the communal areas like?

- Is there more than one room where residents can sit or see visitors?

- Is there a quiet lounge without a television?

- Can wheelchairs and walking frames access all areas?

- Are there toilets within easy reach of communal spaces?

- Are there sufficient handrails in place?

5. What are the bedrooms like?

- Did you see an empty room or was the room in use?

- Can residents bring furniture and personal possessions?

- What was the standard of décor?

- Do all rooms have ensuite facilities?

- Do all rooms have televisions and telephone points?

- Can residents lock their own door?

- Do rooms have a call system to alert staff?

- What is the policy on pets?

6. What about menus and meal arrangements?

- Can residents eat when they want to?

- Can you choose to eat in your own room rather than a dining room?

- If eating in the dining room, can you choose who you sit with?

- Is there a menu choice for each meal – how often are menus rotated?

- Are residents consulted by the chef on their likes and dislikes?

- Are there snacks available, if so, when?

- Can special diets be catered for?

- Are there facilities for residents to make a drink?


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