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Statement of purpose

Statement of purpose, Highbury Nursing HomeWe aim to promote, restore and maintain optimal health, and to provide loving and thoughtful care when residents are unwell.  We will support all those concerned through difficult times, and provide sensible and practical advice to those who request it.  We will provide a dignified and stimulating environment for those who live here.

Philosophy of care

Everyone is unique and deserves dignity, and respect, and interpersonal communication.  Interaction should maintain integrity, respect, and confidentiality, build trust and foster mutual support.

We recognise that residents' safety and satisfaction are basic practise outcomes.  Each resident and their family have distinct beliefs, values and coping skills that effect their expectations and response to care.  We recognise individual needs, and the importance of involving the resident, and their family in the choices that are made.

We recognise the importance of mutual trust between the resident, their families, and the people who care for them.  The planning of care is done with the cooperation of the resident, their families, and other health care professionals, and is reviewed monthly or sooner if needed.

Staff are given training to ensure that they are giving the best up-to-date care.  Residents and their families will be aware of how to complain and have their complaints acted on in a reasonable time.  We will endeavour to continually update our standards and provide the best possible care.