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Highbury Nursing Home

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Flintvale : Home / Highbury Nursing Home
Highbury Nursing Home

A care home for 38 service users with nursing situated in Moseley, Birmingham.

Highbury Nursing Home cares for 38 ladies and gentlemen who need help with some or all aspects of their care, due to frailty, illness or confusion.  We care for our residents till the end of their life here if that is what they wish.

Before anyone comes to live here we do a comprehensive assessment to ensure that we can manage their needs, and help them to be happy here in our care.

All residents are treated as individuals, we recognise that they have particular needs and wishes.  We set up individual plans of care, tailored to the needs of each resident, which take into account each aspect of daily life.  We will ask, for example, what clothes you like to wear, what you like to eat, what time you like to go to bed and get up etc.  If you are unable to answer these questions we will ask your family. We invite you and/or your family to review these care plans six monthly, however you are of course welcome to review them at any time.

We take a holistic approach to care and give equal importance to the spiritual, physical, social and psychological care of each resident.  We will not discriminate on the the grounds of race, religion or gender, and will identify and address individuals needs and preferences in our care planning system.