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Residents charter

    Elderly Nursing Home Resident

    •    To retain your

    independence and

    personal dignity and irrespective of your physical or mental infirmity.

    •    To receive skilled and sensitive care to enable you to achieve an enhanced quality of life.

    •    To have your wishes respected concerning emotional, social, religious, cultural, political and sexual needs.

    •    To be consulted and to receive information about daily living arrangements in the home.

    •    To have your personal privacy respected.

    •    To be involved in all stages of the assessment of your needs and to contribute to your own personal care plan.

    •    To receive visitors at any time.

    •    To select your own General Practitioner, Dentist or other professional advisor and to consult with them in private.

    •    To receive information about your medication, to be involved in decisions about your medical treatment and to have access to your medical and care records.

    •    To have a nominated named nurse and key worker.

    •    To manage your own personal and financial affairs, or to choose someone to manage them on your behalf.

    •    To have full access to facilities and services in the community as an independent citizen.

    •    To not be moved against your will, unless it is essential for your personal health or safety and to set your own acceptable level of risk.

    •    To be aware of what complaints procedures are available to you and to be represented.

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