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Philosophy of care

The prime function of Flintvale Care is to assist residents in maintaining the maximum degree of independence in a homely, caring and safe environment.

It is Flintvale's policy to provide the highest quality of care in a homely environment.  Inherent in Flintvale's policy is the employment of highly motivated and enthusiastic personnel to deliver planned individualised care according to need. The care is activated with input from the resident and his or her relatives/carers, the standards of which are aimed to the highest possible level.  

Care is facilitated according to and based on knowledge and research, moving away from the traditional and ritualistic approaches.  Care of a holistic nature also requires the dedication and commitment of all staff working in a cohesive manner.

Having identified the components within the environment, the staff and the approaches to care, it is essential that these 3 elements are inter-linked to provide the best quality of care in a friendly and homely situation.



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